Endorsements Katt i treet & The Age of YOU!

Storytelling in a connected society unlocks the need for new models and approaches. Here, the author gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges ahead and what we need to do to effectively connect with and earn relevance within society. Brian Solis, author of What’s the Future of Business

«Stein Arne Nistad’s «The Age of You» is a fresh and intriguing look at the communication revolution brought about by the Internet and social media. His deep interest in and understanding of science including the physics of entropy and astronomy are applied to a creative analysis of communications and how it is changing our world. His analysis of how transparent engagement with the market and external audiences also changes an organization internally was particularly valuable.» Gerald Baron | Agincourt Strategies, LLC

I feel humbled and honored! Thank you!


PS: «Katt i treet, hvor skal jeg gå?» and «The Age of YOU!» is in fact the same book in Norwegian and English.


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