The age of You

A book by Stein Arne NistadTheAgeOfYouCover

“The Age of You” is the story about a new society, where we break away from the established rules regarding communication, relationships and the way we do business.  It`s also a story about a major shift: we increasingly take control over our personal and commercial relationships. We alone decide who we want to listen to, and how we want to engage ourselves. «The age of You» explains the historical development; concepts and the foundation of networks, relations, social media and the new connected society. By referring to historical events, storytelling, models and case studies, the book is an engaging story about YOU and how to succeed in our connected society.

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Praise for the book:

  • Storytelling in a connected society unlocks the need for new models and approaches. Here, the author gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges ahead and what we need to do to effectively connect with and earn relevance within society. Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group and the author of “What’s the Future of Business”
  • «The Age of You» is a fresh and intriguing look at the communication revolution. The author’s genuine interest in and understanding of science, including the physics of entropy and astronomy, are applied to a creative analysis of how communications is changing our world. The analysis of how transparent engagement with the market and external audiences also changes an organization internally was particularly valuable. – Gerald Baron, CEO at PIER Systems
  • Provocative, compelling, with brain stimulation blended with pragmatism. Fresh view of the new era we are living in with tips on making more out of it for individuals and organizations. John Nesheim, Cornell University – Entrepreneurship and best-selling author
  • There is a major need for this type of literature. Anne Grethe Solberg, Sociologist and Doctor PH. D. UIO

Available at Authorhouse,  amazon.comBarns&Noble etc.